About Dr. Carrillo

My journey

I am a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician, in practice for over 20 years. So, how did I transition from emergencies to the metabolic health space? A combination of burnout, frustration and eye-opening education.

After dragging my reluctant nonmedical spouse to see his own PCP, he was instructed as homework to read a book to help manage his health – The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung. Well, he neglected to read it, but I devoured it. This initiated my own educational journey into the world of insulin and ultimately a deep dive into the complexities of metabolic health. After tinkering on my own health markers as well as family and friends, I became inspired to change the traditional approach within medicine of prescribing medication and treating disease. I could see a path to actually preventing disease and how to help people get and stay healthy, manage hunger, improve the quality of life and ultimately stay out of the emergency room.

I am inspired and now committed to bringing everyone along on this journey.

Seneca Carrillo, M.D.

THe why... finding my ikigai - Japanese "life purpose"



To work with you using a variety of tools to find YOUR most healthy self, that fits your goals, your criteria, your pace, designed for you.


To empower patients to reclaim their own health by providing them the toolkit necessary and designed by and for them.