What we do

is this you?

We will take a full inventory of what diets/nutrition styles you have tried and which aspects worked best for you and why.

We will work on deprescribing medications so there are fewer monthly expenses. When you improve your metabolic health, your frequency of doctor visits goes down as does need for expensive testing. Keeping you out of the hospital is always a cost savings venture. 

Its rare to find a western trained medical doctor up to date on the latest labs, nutritional studies and preventative measures to actually tackle metabolic health and not simply prescribe medications to treat symptoms. This approach targets the root of medical problems and provides evidence backed knowledge on ways to treat involving lifestyle.

I will have an in depth initial session with you in person preferably to go over your health history, goals, resources, limitations in order to craft a tailored approach specifically for YOU. You will have access by text, email, voice message to me directly. We will schedule check ins via tele or in person every 2 weeks initially and spaced out as you progress. I will be able to monitor blood glucose, blood pressure and weight (as needed) remotely to help track and take accountability. I will be available for questions and adjustments throughout the entire process until you no longer need me. That will be my goal.

As much as I am invested in getting you healthy, it won’t matter unless YOU are also invested fully. YOU wouldn’t be here on this page if you weren’t. I can guide you, educate you, support you, provide the tools BUT ultimately YOU are the mechanic and will need to do the actual work. You’ve already taken the first step by searching me out. Putting money on the table also puts your skin in the game, and committing is half the battle. You will fail….but you will get back up and try again and I will be here to help you. 

After we figure out the nutritional approach that works best for YOU, we will offer a Pantry Sweep option where together, we go through your pantry and fridge discussing pros/cons to the foods there and where we can improve. This is roughly a 2 hour process but can be super helpful as a starting point. We also offer a Grocery Run service whereby I accompany you to your preferred grocery store and we discuss labels, ingredients and choices that will improve your health but fit your lifestyle.

We will also take into consideration how your household divides work (cooking, cleaning, kids) and how your daily schedule will allow adjustments to fit more seamlessly.   

By figuring out your goals, we can tailor an approach that targets those areas. Most clinics have a one size fits all approach and the goals are usually centered around weight loss. Weight loss can be a happy side effect of improving one’s metabolic health but may not be your main goal. Often, improving metabolic markers pays off in improved sleep, mood, energy, fitness and general quality of life. Lets figure out what YOU want and make that the target.

Obesity and subsequently metabolic dysfunction is a disease, side effect of hunger. We will look at how stress and sleep affect your ability to control hunger. We will assess how you value meals, mealtime, snacking and how that fits into your daily schedule. We will look at specific factors that affect YOUR hunger levels and how to adjust what you eat, when you eat, how you eat to curb those issues.

We will address together other factors that contribute to metabolic syndrome and difficulties with hunger – addiction behaviors, restrictive eating patterns, any other psychiatric components that challenge health markers like depression, anxiety, and other chronic psychiatric illnesses.

Yes. But not right away and probably not like you think. There are many ways to address adequate exercise and their benefits that do not require CrossFit, power lifting or running marathons. We will find the right kind that fits YOU, your lifestyle, your limitations but that also provides the benefits you need to get your health back on track.

We will address your current medical conditions, medications and provide safe options to help improve health markers such that some medications can be weaned, removed, deprescribed safely in conjunction with your regular doctor or specialists.

We will discuss other inflammatory diagnoses that may coincide with metabolic syndrome that can be improved as you get control of your metabolic health. The downstream effect on all medical conditions once you improve your metabolic health is truly impressive.

consultation (Step one)

Our first visit will be a lengthy, in depth, in person (preferrably) evaluation of you, your goals, your lifestyle, your past experiences and your current limitations. This will help tailor a plan that fits you individually. This plan will get tweaked, adjusted, revised as we work together to figure out ways to eat, exercise, manage stress that fit YOUR goals, that you can accomplish. This is a big investment of time, for you and me, and lays the groundwork for what is to come.

Labs/testing (step two)

We will want a baseline series of labs to assess your current biomarkers and be able to follow those as additional markers of progress. Labs recently done can be provided but most physicians will not be checking the markers that I feel are most relevant to your personal metabolic health. This may require a visit to your preferred lab for additional blood work. We will outfit you with a continuous glucose monitor for the first month to monitor in real time how food, stress and sleep affects your blood sugar, which can be an excellent surrogate short term marker of how metabolic health is progressing. I will personally set up your Bluetooth connectivity in order to remotely monitor your blood sugar readings. We will also take measurements of blood pressure, heart rate, waist circumference, weight and we will follow these markers over time. Repeat lab markers will be requested at the initial 3 month interval and will vary thereafter depending on progress.

Guidance (step three)

You will have direct access to me (not an assistant, nurse, clinical manager) via text, email, voice message, video calling throughout our time together. Initially, we will have face to face check ins (tele or in person) every two weeks to follow progress, with unlimited contact via digital means in the interim. These will become less frequent as time progresses and we fine tune your approach until you no longer need me as often. I will provide emotional support as well as an entire TOOLKIT of options to keep your metabolic engine running smoothly. As problems arise, we will tackle them together whether it be plateaus, emotional setbacks, stressors or life disruptors that kick you off the path.

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only purchase after initial contact to determine best plan options for your goals